Our Company
At Presidio Residential Capital, our goal is to invest wisely with residential builders and developers in quality residential projects with top-tier sponsors. As a provider of capital to the development and homebuilding industry, we pride ourselves on our ability to quickly reach a decision and fund. In addition, our ongoing management is both streamlined and user-friendly.
Since 1998, our principals have had a close relationship with one institution that funds all of our project activities. This solid relationship gives Presidio a significant operational advantage over many other capital providers. Since 2009, Presidio and its affiliates have infused more than $500 million into the residential development of more than 75 projects.

Presidio’s partners run the gamut from established homebuilders to talented start-ups with compelling projects but limited capital.

Our team is a seasoned group of professionals who are decisive and non-bureaucratic. After 30 years in the residential development industry, we have no interest in – or patience for – protracted decision making processes, and we’re always in the market for like-minded partners.

We believe the new-home market is on a sustainable upward trend, and at Presidio we are anxious to assist builders and developers in taking advantage of this opportunity.

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