March 19, 2015

40.5-Acre Community in Santa Maria, Calif., Offering 120 Homes on Estate-Size Lots, Starting in the $400,000s

March 04, 2015

Second Phase of $7.8 Million 36-Home Development Near Las Vegas Strip to Begin This Month

January 29, 2015

Several Homes Already Sold in Urban Infill Community Combining Best Practices in Land Planning, Brownfield Reclamation and Transit-Oriented Design

December 18, 2014

Phil Rush Named Senior Executive At Presidio Residential Capital

December 17, 2014

Phil L. Rush, a residential development and land investment expert with more than 30 years of experience, has joined San Diego-based Presidio Residential Capital as a senior executive.

Presidio Residential Capital is a real estate investment firm focused on the for-sale housing sector. Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., the firm provides capital in the form of joint ventures for entitlements, development and construction for homebuilding projects throughout the Western United States.

A leading provider of capital to the residential homebuilding and development industry.
"Over the past 12 years we have participated together in excess of $150 million in equity transactions involving the development and construction of over $2 billion of real estate. This was accomplished by using Presidio's common sense approach and non-bureaucratic process."
-Scott McMillin, Chairman of The Corky McMillin Companies
"We are pleased to have the opportunity to partner with Presidio on numerous projects. They are exemplary in all aspects of real estate finance and development. The firm provides us with thorough and accurate underwriting in a timely manner, which allows us to be more responsive to land sellers resulting in greater success procuring land development opportunities. We have partnered with Presidio on a variety of real estate projects and enjoy the interaction we have had with all members of the firm. They are professional in every sense of the word and a pleasant group with which to work."
-Brent Little, President, South Coast Communities
"The thoughtful and strategic approach by the Presidio team, led by Don Faye, has provided me the opportunity to tell my story and execute my vision. Presidio Residential Capital is truly a team of teams that adds significant value, experience and confidence at every stage in the underwriting process. Don Faye has an uncanny ability to take a complex transaction and make it simple. For my initial foray into the financial markets in this cycle, this has proved to be the difference in getting the deal done."
-Michael Paris, President, BlackPine Communities
"To date we have acquired nine substantial developments with Presidio, with another 10 in our pipeline. Our experience with Presidio has been spectacular, and we look forward to working with them as our equity partner in the years to come. Presidio is professional, experience and responsive. They are a true pleasure to work with!"
-Gary Grossman, President, Coastal Community Builders, Inc.
"Presidio Residential Capital has been a valuable lending partner during very challenging times in the residential markets. Their loan structures helped us to keep equity requirements reasonable, and accommodated more housing starts as the markets recovered. They have been very easy to work with when modifications were needed based on changing market dynamics. Their relationship was a key component to success for several of our subdivisions."
-Ceci Doty, Executive Vice President, The Corky McMillin Companies
"Coastal Community Builder's involvement with Presidio has been extremely beneficial. Together, we've been able to purchase and control a large percentage of projects on the Central Coast. Presidio has been extremely helpful, not only in financing, but also in their knowledge, accessibility and thorough investigation of each project from marketing, entitlements and construction aspects. Presidio shares our vision, and we’re excited to partner with them as the window of opportunity has opened to the building industry here on the Central Coast."
-Dave Daniels, Vice President of Acquisitions and Construction, Coastal Community Builders
"Presidio is very knowledgeable about our industry. Sometimes when you have a knowledgeable partner, they think their way is the best way and try to impose their will on you and your local market. That's not the case with Presidio. They provide knowledge and insight but let us make the decisions we need to make and never second guess us. Of all the partnerships we have, these guys have done the best job of providing the right amount of accountability without being overbearing. They're very accessible but don't try to get into our business on a day-to-day basis. That's a great balance and exactly how a partner should be."
-Brian Ross, Oakpointe

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